Redefining the 21st century fashion experience with biotechnology
Vivorium is a speculative future lifestyle exploring alternative ways of perceiving and interacting, with the body, materials, and biodesigned objects. The project blurs fashion, objects, and living through the extension of the body with things -- from garments to grown materials. The lifestyle is presented in a narrative book, a collection of objects, images of performed interactive experiments, and a film. Vivorium aims to provoke thought regarding our perception of the body in relation to the things all around it by creating a reciprocal style of living with designed things. *Please contact for further information about the project or book.
A collection of research, materials, processes, and documentation. Through images and materials this book presents a selection of the variety of methods used within the process of working in a lab as a designer. It includes research and documentation of experiments performed as a researcher and and resident artist at Genspace, a community DIY biotech lab. This selection of process work represents a larger exploration of the body and the relationship with a variety of materials and technologies - biotechnological, cooked and otherwise.
An archive of grown material samples, ongoing.
A rapidly prototyped fast-fashion future: A curated set of microbes & cell cultures for growing designer biomaterials to craft your own fashionable edible wearables.
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